『TECHNOSHIP Chicago Tour 2016』

TECHNOSHIP Chicago Tour 2016 Day3&4 “SWIG / WNUR FM89.3”

“that was also great party “The Goods” at SWIG. thanks for people enjoying our dj and scratching. and thanks for inviting us, Duke and Elroy! they create good vibes. so cool!
last day of out tour, we played at “etc radio” , radio show on WNUR FM89.3. it was good experience for us! we played long set in studio. we’re happy because some people who listened it send us kind messages or call! thank you for listening and thank you m50, the producer of this radio show.”

From TECHNOSHIP Chicago Tour 2016 Day3&4 “SWIG / WNUR FM89.3”. Posted by TECHNOSHIP on 7/16/2016 (14 items)

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